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In our previous blog post, we explored Active Heat Transfer Technology in the Genio Evolution 6 Pro.

In this blog post, we'll explore our Fluid Bed Cooling System & the importance of stopping the coffee bean roasting process as soon as possible to maintain the desired profile and highlight the incredible features of the Evolution series—a commercial coffee roasting machine that will revolutionize the way you roast your beans.

Get ready to discover the advantages of fluid bed heat transfer, simplified manufacturing, enhanced food safety, and seamless bean extraction. Let's embrace the evolution of coffee roasting!

Fluid Bed Heat Transfer for Rapid Cooling

“This extraordinary commercial coffee roasting machine is not only equipped with AI capabilities but is also designed to be intelligent and intuitive - Neil Maree”

The Advantages of Fluid Bed Cooling:

  • The Evolution series incorporates Fluid Bed Cooling & Active Heat Transfer Technology during the cooling process, allowing for rapid and efficient cooling of coffee beans
  • Fluid beds are known for their exceptional heat transfer capabilities, making them the industry standard in sectors such as mining and agriculture.

Simplified Maintenace:

  • Traditional cooling bins in coffee roasters require complex designs with motors and paddles that demand meticulous maintenance and cleaning. In contrast, the Evolution series has no moving parts.
  • Cleaning becomes hassle-free as there are no holes or surfaces for chaff or broken beans to clog, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced downtime.

Enhanced Food Safety:

  • The fluid bed system in the Evolution series addresses concerns related to food safety standards.
  • By covering the cooling bin with glass lid, the beans are shielded from contamination, ensuring a hygienic environment free from external pollutants and human contact.
  • The glass cover allows for visibility of the beans' color, enabling visual assessment during the cooling process, while internal lights illuminate the bin for enhanced visibility.

Seamless Bean Discharge and Operational Efficiency

Efficient Bean Discharge and Workflow:

  • An automated discharge gate enables swift and seamless removal of beans from the cooling bin.
  • Traditional cooling bins often suffer from slow and cumbersome bean extraction processes.

Integrated Scale and Precise Data Logging:

  • The Evolution series is equipped with a built-in scale, detecting if a container is ready to receive the coffee beans.
  • The chute design ensures precise deposition of beans in the center of the container, minimizing spillage and maximizing accuracy during the transfer process.

Modulating and Profiling Cool Down:

  • The Evolution series introduces a thermocouple temperature sensor inside the cooling bin, allowing for the creating of cooldown profiles.
  • Modulating and profiling the cool down process enables control over the brittleness of the coffee beans.
  • This level of control empowers specialty roasters to not only play with roasting flavor profiles but also cooling flavour profiles.

Evolution Series Unique Features

Neil’s Revolutionary Design: Say Goodbye to Traditional Cooling Bins

The traditional round bowl with an agitator design commonly used for cooling beans is flawed from an engineering perspective. The area just behind the paddle creates a void, causing the air to take the path of least resistance and resulting in inefficient heat transfer.

In contrast, the Genio Evolution series has no agitator at all, eliminating the void and improving energy transfer efficiency. By incorporating fluid bed technology in the cooling process, the Evolution series optimizes heat transfer for efficient cooling.

Conclusion: Embrace the Evolution

The Evolution series redefines the landscape of coffee roasting with its advanced air roaster drum design, customizable coffee roasting profiles, fluid bed heat transfer technology, and streamlined workflow. As entrepreneurial coffee professionals, investing in this cutting-edge commercial coffee roasting machine will unlock a world of possibilities, allowing you to craft exceptional coffee roasts and satisfy the unique preferences of your customers. Embrace the evolution of coffee roasting and elevate your coffee business to new heights with the Evolution series.

Now is the time to bid farewell to traditional cooling bins and inefficient heat transfer methods. With the Evolution series, designed by coffee roasting machine expert Neil Maree, you can roast your coffee beans more efficiently, unlocking new realms of flavor and brewing possibilities. The years of experience in coffee roasting machine manufacturing and engineering background have led to this cutting-edge solution that will transform your coffee business.

So, are you ready to join the evolution and embark on a coffee roasting journey like never before? Explore the Evolution series today and take your coffee bean roasting game to new heights!

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