The life of coffee roasteries, known as #TheRoastingLife, is both exhilarating and demanding. We are part of a vast community of coffee roasting professionals and enthusiasts who share a passion for the art and science of coffee roasting.

This community comprises specialised coffee roasters, entrepreneurs, baristas, coffee equipment suppliers, coffee farmers, and green coffee importers who strive to expand their knowledge of the coffee roasting process and its impact on the flavor and quality of coffee, ultimately providing the end user with the best possible product.

At Genio Roasters, we understand the significance of this community and are dedicated to supporting and nurturing its growth by sharing our knowledge, technical expertise, and best practices related to coffee roasting. Moreover, we provide information on events and competitions that enable roasters from all over the world to demonstrate their skills and learn from each other.

​​​Brew up your knowledge, an initiative by Genio Roasters, empowering coffee roasters globally with free educational material. Our passion is to build the coffee roasting community and support them along their roasting journey. We want to see them excel and grow their businesses. Let's stand together and roast better coffee. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or a professional roaster, this platform has something for everyone. Tune in now to brew up your knowledge and become a coffee roasting expert.​


Module 1: Coffee Roasting Terminology Explained

Join Genio Roasters and We Roast Coffee's Shaun Aupiais in this free video series where we dive into the world of coffee roasting terminology.

In this series, Brew Up Your Knowledge, you'll learn about the different factors to consider when choosing your green beans, how to identify and avoid common roast defects, tips for achieving the perfect roast, and the importance of cupping with purpose.  

Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or a professional roaster, thisseries has something for everyone. Tune in now to brew up yourknowledge and become a coffee roasting expert.​ ​​

A Shot in the Dark Competition

A Coffee Roasting Competition to challenge your skills in Roasting and Blending

Genio Roasters is a proud sponsor of A Shot in the Dark Competition.

Initially, the competition rules were drafted by Neil Maree, the CEO and Founder of Genio Roasters. Later, the Coffee Magazine team approached Neil to bring his vision of a coffee roasting competition to life.

The competition was designed to evaluate the roasters' abilities on their own machines, in their respective roastingenvironments. Currently, Coffee Magazine organizes thecompetition with the assistance of several outstanding sponsorsand partners.

Also did you know?

A Shot in the Dark (ASITD) is not just an academic exercise. Competitors are judged on the flavour of theircoffee as an espresso and through a formal coffee cupping. This way, competitors can hone their skills inroasting coffee for actual use in their coffee shops (and they can sell the roasted coffee leftover from thecompetition entry too!). ASITD is a practical competition aimed at increasing the skill of the roaster so thatthey can apply those skills in their roasteries and grow their businesses.

To enter visit

Winners will announce at Creative Coffee Week in July

A Shot in the Dark Middle East

In 2022, the A Shot in the Dark Competition expanded to the Middle East, and this year it promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

Details of the competition will be announced soon, and the winners will be revealed in November 2023.

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