The Genio 6 is a 6kg shop coffee roaster ideal for start-up and medium capacity roasteries. Our machines come standard with the Smart Control System and an external chaff cyclone for medium volume speciality coffee roasting.  You can roast from 1-6kg per batch and grow your business by selling your own roasted coffee beans.

The ideal shop roaster

The Genio 6 series drum coffee roaster was developed by Neil Maree and perfected by the Genio Roasters engineering team.

With our cutting-edge Smart Control System and superior mechanical systems, the Genio 6 is designed to use convection heating to create precise heat transfer profiles. Roasts can easily be duplicated thanks to the machine’s excellent stability and easy to use control system.

The Genio 6 is ideal for any type of roastery: from beginners who want to start their businesses to commercial roasters who need to roast specialty batches or test new roasting profiles.

Genio 6
Genio 6

Lightweight aluminum cooling bin and hopper is coated with a food-grade anodised finish. Cooling to room temperature in 3 minutes


Castor wheels for mobility


Wireless tablet with full manual and automatic profiling control which is fully compatible with the Genio ProRoast App. Receive real-time software updates for free for life – no subscriptions or monthly fees


Precise heat delivery is possible throughout the roast in 1% gas pressure adjustment increments


Straight radial fan blades drastically reduce the build-up of coffee oils, ensuring less maintenance and prolonged life span


Dual-wall ceramic coated drum, keeping roasting time for 6kg batch is between 11 – 15min


Key Features

25kW gas burner (LPG/Natural Gas)
Air Flow
Roasting Fan: 660 m³/hr @ 1100 Pa
Cooling Fan: 1000 m³/hr @ 1600 Pa
220V 50Hz Single Phase
– Wireless Tablet
– Full Profile Logging
– Full manual/automatic profiling
Profile Plotting
7 graphs in real-time
– Reference profiles from database
Dual-wall ceramic coated
Roasting Principle
Convection Conduction
Roast time

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Genio Roasters want their coffee roasting clients to grow their businesses.  That is why we have developed our Profit Calculator.  Using the slider at the top, aspiring roasters can gauge how much coffee they will need to sell in order to make the profits that they aim for.  Use the tool and see how much money roasting your own coffee can save/make you per month.