Introducing the Genio Roasters' Evolution Series —
Discover the Future of Coffee Roasting with the AI-Enabled Smart Coffee Roaster

Hey, fellow coffee lovers!

Are you ready to experience the next big thing in coffee roasting? We at Genio Roasters is proud to unveil our latest creation, the Evolution Series - an AI-enabled smart coffee bean roaster that's set to revolutionize the coffee industry. As a seasoned coffee enthusiast, I'm thrilled to introduce you to the world of Evolution Series and all its fantastic features.

My name is Neil Maree, and I am thrilled to introduce you to a new coffee roasting product that is about to revolutionize the coffee roasting industry. Genio Roasters has developed a new product called the Evolution series, which is set to change the way we roast coffee, forever!


Evolution 6 Pro

You can roast better coffee with a Genio Evolution Coffee Roaster machine that can sense, understand & inform the roasting process. Our advanced AI algorithm, coupled with a smart Roastery Resource Planning (RRP) control system runs your entire roastery for you. The Genio Evolution 6 Pro revolutionises coffee roasting by linking cupping and roasting through our Artificial Intelligence.


The Evolution Series is an AI-enabled smart coffee roaster that will help you achieve a perfect roast, every time. With advanced features like drum and heat transfer, cooling, chaff management, and control interface, the Evolution Series is designed to take your coffee roasting game to the next level

Unique features of the Genio Evolution Series

The Evolution series is a new coffee roasting system that introduces artificial intelligence (AI) into the coffee roasting industry. The goal of this AI system is to link cupping scores with roast profiles, which are like a recipe that determines the flavor of the beans. This means that the system can learn from the feedback of coffee tasters and create a roast profile that perfectly matches the desired taste.

One of the unique features of the Evolution series is its ability to interact with its user. The roaster communicates effectively with humans through its control interface, lights that pulse or flash to convey information, and a touch screen to interact with the roasting software. The data analytics feature gives feedback on roasting performance, enabling the user to make informed decisions about their roasting process.

Another exciting feature of the Evolution series is its active heat transfer technology. The roasting drum transfers heat evenly over the entire drum surface area to roast all the beans at a consistent temperature. The machine recirculates waste heat back into the roasting chamber, reducing fuel consumption and creating a sealed and consistent roasting environment.

The machine uses fluid bed heat transfer technology to cool beans as quickly as possible and reduce the number of moving components, simplifying the system. Users can choose between fully automated roasting for a hands-off approach or switch into or out of any level of automation when they want.

Lastly, the aesthetics of the Evolution series are customizable to match the personality of the roastery or client. Using colors, textures, and advanced materials like carbon fiber, you can create a machine that is as unique as your coffee.

Roaster Specifications

  • Roast Time: 8 -12 minutes
  • Nominal Batch Size: 6kg
  • Smart Roasting: Dynamically switch between Manual and Automation roasting
  • Control: AI connected cloud enabled

Launch Date & Timeline

The Evolution Series will be launching at the World of Coffee event in Athens in 2023 and orders will be ready to be taken in June 2023!

Times: All-day event - 10h00 till 17h00
Dates: 22, 23 & 24 June
Venue: Athens Metropolitan Expo, Athens International Airport, Greece
Stand: Stand 3-J46

We have been working hard to ensure that the Evolution Series is ready to hit the market in time for this event.

Meet the Designer Neil Maree

The Evolution Series was designed by Neil Maree, an experienced coffee roaster and designer. Neil has been in the coffee industry for over a decade, and his passion for coffee and design shines through in the Evolution Series. Neil worked tirelessly to ensure that the Evolution Series is not just a functional roaster, but also a beautiful one that would be a standout addition to any coffee shop or roastery.

Designer Diary

Neil Maree kept a designer diary during the development of the Evolution Series, documenting his design process, challenges, and triumphs.
In his diary, he shares his thoughts on the importance of design in the coffee industry and his passion for creating a roaster that is both functional and beautiful.
The designer diary will be giving you an insight into the creative process behind the Evolution Series.

Diary Entry 1: The Genio Evolution

I designed the Genio Evolution Series with the aim of improving the roasting process by analysing every component of the roaster to determine where improvements could be made.

 To do this, I spent a year researching the needs of our clients and others in the speciality coffee industry, including micro to industrial roasteries, to identify shortfalls and requirements while also keeping tight budget spenders in mind.

Our sales approach has always been customer-centric, considering the client's business, the intended usage of the machine, and the operator, to determine the ideal size roaster.

Aesthetics were also considered in the design as clients desire a personal imprint on the roaster that is unique to them. My aim was not only to create a nicer-looking machine but to challenge and evolve the roasting industry by rethinking and improving the cooling bin, roasting drum, and data processing as a whole.

The Genio Evolution Series is not only a machine that looks different from the others but is designed to solve the sore points of coffee roasters worldwide.

The inclusion of AI technology is also a game-changer in roasting, allowing for better data collection and processing.

Through our design, we aim to bridge the gap between cupping and roasting and create a community that shares knowledge for the improvement of the specialty coffee industry.

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In conclusion, the Evolution series is an innovative new coffee roasting product that promises to revolutionize the industry by introducing AI technology into the coffee roasting process. With its interactive features, active heat transfer technology, and fluid bed cooling, this machine provides a unique experience for coffee roasters looking to take their craft to the next level. So, if you're looking to create the perfect cup of coffee, the Evolution series from Genio Roasters is the way to go.Thank you for your time, and we look forward to seeing you at the World of Coffee Athens!

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to seeing you at the World of Coffee Athens!

Best regards,