Automatic Weight Filler

Introducing the Automatic Weight Fill machine - the perfect solution for busy coffee roasters looking to streamline their packaging process.

Gone are the days of manually weighing and packaging coffee beans by hand. With this innovative device, all you have to do is fill the hopper and set the desired weight. The machine's vibrating system will then accurately dispense the specified amount of beans at the press of a foot pedal.

Not only does the Automatic Weight Fill machine increase packaging speed, it also helps to eliminate mess and ensures accurate portion control. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual packaging and hello to a more efficient and organized roastery with the Automatic Weight Fill machine.

The unit is constructed from Stainless Steel and comes with a 1kg hopper, automatic control panel and a foot pedal for hands-free activation, allowing you to quickly dispense hundreds of perfectly weighed-out portions of beans into coffee bags or pouches.  

Technical Specifications

Scope: Coffee beans, coarsely ground coffee, herbs etc
Voltage: 220V / 50Hz / 240W
Dosing Weight: 10-999g
Dosing Error: 1- to 1 gram
Accuracy: 2g max (depending on material)
Certification: CE, Food safe - DEKRA

Shipping information

Shipping crate: 55cm (l) x 66cm (w) x 210cm (h)
Gross Weight: ~ 40kg (including crate)
Nett Weight: ~35kg
HS Code: 8419.81

Automatic Weight Filler 1kg
Roasted Coffee Weighing machine
Automatic Weight Filler to package coffee

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