Sweet Marias explains what goes on inside a coffee cherry

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Sweet, Sweet Maria’s

Sweet Maria’s has long been a force in the coffee roasting industry.  Their website has a wealth of knowledge on all thing coffee.  They sell exceptional green coffee beans for the home roasting market.  Their website is also an extraordinary collection of coffee knowledge in their Coffee Library.  

The Glossary to rule all coffee glossaries

Any aspiring or even professional roast master should visit Sweet Maria’s Glossary.  We think that it is amongst the most complete and extraordinary collections of descriptions of all things coffee in the world.  

How To Roast Your Own Coffee

Sweet Maria’s How To Roast Your Own Coffee page is also a fine collection of photos of exactly what beans look like during the different chemical stages that occurs while roasting.  Take a look at their photos of beans in every stage of the roast.  It is a wonderful collection and has helped countless roasteries around the world to better understand the various stages of roasting coffee.  Take a look at their video about the different roast stages here.

Inside a coffee cherry

The video below is one of the finest explanations of exactly what goes on inside a coffee cherry.  

To Quote Sweet Maria’s:

Originally coffee literature referred to the fruit of the tree as a “berry” but in time it became a cherryGlossy red ripe cherry at Carlos Imbachis Sweet Marias Either a flavor in the coffee, or referring to the fruit of the coffee tree, which somewhat resembles a red cherry.: Either a flavor in the coffee, or referring to the fruit of the coffee More
. It is of course neither. Nor is the seed of the coffee a bean. All these terms are based on physical resemblance, subjective at that. In fact the coffee cherry is is a 2-seeded “drupe” fruit. Technically a stone fruit, the seeds are the coffee “beans”. However, if you squeeze open the coffee fruit you will find that there is hardly any “fruit” at all, but most of the drupe is filled by the two slippery seeds.

Sweet Maria’s Coffee Cherry Introduction

Getting Close to a Coffee Cherry by Sweet Maria’s

Genio Roaster’s own Knowledge Base

Be sure to visit Genio Roasters’ very own Knowledge Base where you will find useful information about coffee roasting, coffee roasters and especially maintenance and other related topics of our own coffee roasting machines.

Thank you to Sweet Marias for being a wonderful source of content and knowledge throughout the years.

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