Bearing Set

Bearing Replacement Set for Genio Coffee Roasters

This bearing set (2) is used to replace the front and rear drum bearing on the following Genio coffee roasters:

  • Genio 3
  • Genio 6
  • Genio 15
  • Genio 30 

Please note that grease and bearing lock sleeves are not included.

Technical Specifications

What's in the Box:
2 x Roaster Drum Bearings

Shipping information

Shipping crate: 10cm (l) x 10cm (w) x 10cm (h)
Gross Weight: ~ 1,0kg (including crate)
Nett Weight: ~ 0,8kg

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Bearing Set - Genio Roasters
Bearing Set - Genio Roasters
Bearing Set - Genio Roasters

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