Genio Roasters Makes Television Debut

by | Aug 18, 2014 | Roaster News

It was a very exciting day when Genio got the call from Afrikaans morning breakfast show Dagbreek to share that they wanted to do an insert on Genio Roasters. Schedules were confirmed and on 9 August a very slick and organised production crew visited the Genio offices in Randburg, Johannesburg to set up and record our history.

The insert featured Genio’s Owner and Design Engineer Neil Maree discussing how the Genio journey started whilst Neil was still at university to when the company officially began in 2011, producing its first model the Genio Mezzo. The clip also highlighted Genio’s latest series, the Genio 6 Artisan. The Genio 6 Artisan has a world unique Thermal Management System that gives the operator complete control over convection and conduction heating optimization during roasting.

Dagbreek broadcasts every weekday from 05:30 to 07:30 on kykNET, DStv Channel 144 to an audience of over a million viewers. See the full insert (NOW with English subtitles) below.

View some behind the scenes photos from the Dagbreek visit to Genio.

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Neil Maree

Neil Maree is the CEO and Founder of Genio Roasters. His love for coffee and passion for engineering was combined in 2010 when he started the company. Since then, Neil has gathered an incredible team of people to help him grow his company to new heights.

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  1. Jacob verkade

    Great report specially because it is in afrikaans! Would love to roast on your new machine. greets, Jacob

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