Arrival of the black frame

by | Jun 5, 2012 | Roaster News

With great anticipation, the first of our latest roaster frames arrived today.  We received only the black roaster as the white and red machines were still at the powder coaters after various headaches plagued their completion.

Castor issues

Sidney, Ramiro and I set out today to build as far as we could in 8 hours.  We had the workshop cleaned and prepped, each with his own work station and tools, ready to start working as soon as the frame landed.  Naturally the problems started the minute we set our eyes on it.  The first issue was that our supplier delivered the wrong castors. Our client wanted the machine on wheels, so we had to make a quick plan.  We also did not plan on having the machine on wheels when we constructed the frame, and welded huge 16mm nuts where the feet would have screwed in.  So while Ramiro used a grinder (on our freshly powder coated frame!!) to flatten the surface for the new wheel brackets, I headed out to find the correct parts.  We got our first problem sorted by 10pm, but soon discovered that it would not be the last problem for the day.

Our unplanned castors left us with 4 huge nuts that prevented the electrical boxes from being mounted.  It was again Ramiro who came to the rescue while Sidney and I screwed on the roast chamber heat deflectors and fitted the doors.  While this was all happening we were prepping the stainless steel components for glass bead blasting and drilling and countersinking 48 holes in the Teflon agitator scrapers.

A roaster is built

By the end of the day I was quite impressed with our progress.  We managed to assemble a huge piece of our frame in just one day and sorted out a host of problems that can now be accounted for in our next production run.  Each problem we find is noted and fixed on the design files at night so that we never have to sit with the same problem twice.  Our new version control systems helps to keep track of any changes and ensures that we always know exactly which parts and files are associated with each machine.

The next step

All that is left now is to install the motors (which should arrive tomorrow)  and connect the control panel wiring to the electrical boxes.  The drums have already been sent for ceramic coating and the vinyl cutters are half way through applying the designs on the stainless steel panels.  Then we need to braze the gas connections and nickel plate the various mild steel components.  In retrospect,  it sounds like a heck of a lot of work that still needs to be done!

 By: Neil Maree

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